Web Design Process

It's All About Collaboration

Our Approach

At Agate Fire Creative we believe the key to any successful project is collaboration. We take the time to learn about your business goals, brand, products, and target audience. With that information, we design a cohesive easy-to-navigate website that is both attractive and compelling to keep your audience engaged and on your site.


Over the years, we’ve refined and adapted the way we work. By implementing systems, checklists and defined deliverables we produce well-crafted web designs that deliver on your vision – on time and on budget.

We will take care to guide and step you through each phase of the project, but we expect you to provide your expert knowledge of your business and industry.


Phase One


Great design starts by understanding the challenge. In this step we get to know you, learn about your story, your why, and your purpose for being in business. This is where we will find out who your ideal client is, what they struggle with, what they need, and how you can help them. Here we focus on learning your goals and what results you want to see not only from your website but from your business.

We'll also guide you in gathering, developing and refining your marketing copy (text) and visual elements. Phase One concludes when you have approved the sitemap and we have received all of the assembled copy, graphics, and photography for your website.



Phase Two


This is where all the fun starts!  We get started creating the actual look and feel of the website — integrating your brand style, colors, design, and feel. In this phase, you’ll have several opportunities to provide feedback, thoughts, changes, ideas, and comments, etc. so we can tweak and revise the design as needed to reach a final design you absolutely love.

Together we'll get into how your site will work, how visitors will move through your site, how your content will be presented and organized, and how your site will produce results. I’ll work with you to review the actions you want visitors to take while on your website and how you’re leading them to take action. Phase Two concludes when you approve the low-fidelity wireframe design concept and style guide for your website.


Phase Three


Once your new design is finalized and approved, development begins, turning the approved mock-ups into a fully functional prototype on our private development account. When done, we will insert, format, and style your content, add images, format your testimonials, and more.

At the end of this phase, you will be provided access to your new website on a staging server so you can review it, test it, and click through the whole site before we take it live. You will have one round of small, content-related revisions available to catch and fix any small content issues or swap out an image or two that may not be just right.



Phase Four


Once you approve your site and provide final payment, your launch date will be scheduled.  The go-live process is very technical but includes our team moving the site to your hosting account and taking care of last-minute details that must be configured on the final URL. We finalize the remaining technical SEO details, if required, including the setup of Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools.

We offer one live Zoom call training session for you to learn all about the unique features of your site and how to use it. Then we hand over the keys.  HAPPY DANCE!


Phase Five

Maintain & Grow

At this point, your website may be done, but you’re just getting started!

Maintain: A website is a living entity and requires continuous nurturing to ensure that it stays updated, secure and running smoothly.  Now is the time to form a backup, security and maintenance plan.  If you haven't already you can check out our Managed WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans.

Grow: Build upon your website foundation and create relevance, trust, and authority with search engines by establishing a long-term SEO strategy.


5 Steps That Are Crucial For A Winning Website Project

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