How do I access my webmail?

Webmail enables you to check your e-mail account by using any web browser. You can compose and read e-mail messages, maintain an address book, and perform other basic tasks.

Accessing Webmail is as easy as using any web browser.  Simply visit the login URL provided upon account setup, typically or Note: you should always use a URL that starts with https:// (the HTTP Secure protocol). This minimizes the possibility of someone intercepting the account’s login credentials or reading messages.

Webmail login screen

The Webmail login page appears as shown here.  Enter your email address and password to log in. If this is the first time you are accessing Webmail for your account, select the Webmail application that you want to use, either Horde or RoundCube (UPDATE: SquirrelMail is no longer available). If you wish, click Enable AutoLoad and the selected application will automatically load the next time you log in. We encourage and recommend changing your password on a regular basis.

If this does not work, we suggest contacting your hosting provider.  If you host with Agate Fire Creative, open a support ticket and we will help troubleshoot.


Below are the settings to set up access to your email via your smartphone or computer.

Note: Agate Fire Creative only supports Webmail (if you can send/receive email via the Webmail URL above, the problem lies within your email app or the settings on your device).

We provide the following settings as a convenience to our clients. However, due to the sheer number of email apps on the market, including some that have been around for decades, combined with numerous operating systems, we cannot ensure proper operation within any given email app. If advanced email functions and management are needed, we use and recommend G Suite for Business from Google (if interested, call or email, as we may be able to get you a discount).

*** Remember to replace “” with your own domain name. ***

Need More Help? Please watch these Webmail tutorials.

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